Jerte is a jungle troll rogue of the Darkspear tribe that has served in the Horde since the Third War.

Prior to the Siege of Orgrimmar, Jerte worked closely with Velanda under Vol'jin in and around Durotar against Kor'kron forces. He later took part in the siege itself, and was afterward appointed the position of a personal agent for the now-Warchief, Vol'jin.

When forces of Azeroth marched through the Dark Portal to repel the Iron Horde, Jerte stayed behind in Orgrimmar until the Frostwall garrison was established. He was then stationed there and worked to gather intel on the Iron Horde during the Draenor Campaign.

After Vol'jin fell in combat at the Broken Shore, Sylvanas Windrunner became Warchief of the Horde. Not long after her elevation, Jerte was removed as the Warchief's personal agent.

Before the outbreak of the War of the Thorns, Sylvanas entrusted Jerte with performing recon on the night elves of Darkshore prior to a Horde invasion of the night elven territories. He was later placed under the command of Varok Saurfang and aided in the capture of Lor'danel. During this assault, he became slightly acquainted with the veteran warrior Drakthor. After the destruction of Teldrassil, which left Jerte pondering the state of the Horde, he was stationed at Lordaeron in preparation for the upcoming siege. During the battle, he fought alongside Drakthor against the Alliance forces.

After Lordaeron, Jerte traveled to Zandalar.