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Maielle is a draenei hunter from the alternate universe Draenor. When she was young, she began to hunt with a bow, and joined the Rangari as a ranger. When the Iron Horde began an uprising on Draenor, Maielle began scouting Iron Horde bases, and at some point was caught and put into slavery in Tanaan Jungle. She was freed when the forces of Azeroth fought the Iron Horde at the Dark Portal, and she fled with them to Shadowmoon Valley, where she returned to the Rangari and reported her findings before she was captured.

Having seen what the forces of Azeroth could do in combat against the Iron Horde, and noticing their familiarization with their weaponry, Maielle decided to aid the Alliance in their campaign against the Iron Horde, and she claimed vengeance against Blackhand during the Assault on Blackrock Foundry. Maielle later participated in the Assault of Tanaan Jungle, and helped take down Archimonde, then disappeared, having gone to the main universe Azeroth to learn more of these outsiders.

When the Burning Legion invaded Azeroth for a third time, Maielle tried to do whatever she could to help the Alliance defend Stormwind City after the disaster on the Broken Shore by shooting down demons on the rooftops, without being directly seen and recognized by the faction's members. She then met up with Emmarel Shadewarden in Dalaran, and joined the Unseen Path as their Master Hunter, agreeing that she would lead them. She proved this by assisting Vereesa Windrunner in attempting to save Alleria Windrunner - and while unsuccessful, they did find Thas'dorah, her bow, which Maielle took up.